Things You Do Wrong When Storing Perfume

A good perfume can serve you for years and keep its composition intact. However, it’ll happen only if you store it properly. Let’s find out how you spoil your perfumes and ways to avoid it. This way, when you buy the new favorite at, you’ll be able to enjoy it for long.

Never do it to your perfumes

The first thing you need to remember is to keep your perfume away from hot and humid places. Never leave it in front of your window. The sunshine, as well as the previously mentioned factors, influences the composition greatly. You’ll soon notice how the scent is changing. So now you know why and can easily avoid it. Just leave the perfume in the original box, with the closed cap, in your drawer or closet.

The second rule concerns the applications itself. Never rub your wrists after you apply the perfume. Every fragrance has its own pyramid of elements. Each of them is supposed to open and last for a certain time. When you rub it, you mix everything and the scent won’t last as long. Moreover, it’ll seem different.

Never apply perfume on your clothes. The high-quality perfume is sure to leave irremovable stains. The same thing concerns your jewelry. It’ll be only a waste of perfume and potentially harmful to your favorite earrings and necklaces.

The scientists have proved that fragrances influence your mood, well-being, etc. That’s why you should get the perfume that fits your mood and can help you produce the right impression.

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