How to Buy an Instagram Account Directly from an Owner?

Things you need to account for when buying directly from the owner

When you buy Instagram accounts from the owner, you should definitely check how legit the deal is. First of all, make sure it’s a real person and it’s his account. There are lots of scams and unreliable people, so you need to know if you can trust your money to this deal. Moreover, it’s important to study the followers. There are 2 things to pay attention here. At first, you need to check if they are not bots. Just browse through the posts and look at the comments. It’s really easy to notice the generated ones. Moreover, you need to make sure the real followers will be suitable for your niche. If you sell beauty products, there is no point buying a blog about hardware, or otherwise.

It’ll also be a great idea to get the metrics. You can use some third-party tools to find out which hashtags were used the most, the level of engagement, etc.

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