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“Hands locked, Palm tight, I know I’m made for this” screams the female fronted Metal Band, on stage. The vast audience is hushed, unusually quiet for a Rock Concert. Wide eyed youngsters and drooling elders join hands to sway. There is almost a meditative quality about this Band which belies its Hard Rock status. Then suddenly, the dam bursts, and, as if on cue, the fans start screaming too. “Where do you want to see us next year” jabs the lithe figured Lead Singer. “Here, here, here” chants the followers. Theliar camila cabello song download is on central stage, and their disciples are hypnotized.

The Band in Person

Linsey Rae leads the band from the front. Her power-throated thrusting delivery has charmed followers since the successful release of their YouTube series “Metal Kitchen”. Their five piece Metal core band from Denver, Colorado U.S.A., has had the watchers and listeners raving. Since December 2016, when they released their first full length album, “A World Ahead”, which charted at number 7 on the Metal iTunes Charts, each album of theirs has had music lovers sit up and take notice. Signing with Manic Kat Records, “Make It Last”, an EP, followed in February 2018 and charted number 19 on the Billboard Heat seekers Chart. The liar camila cabello song download has just released “Breathe”, with 10 memorable pieces. Songs like “ Through Rose”, “Revive”, “One More Day”, “Lifeline”, “Waves” and of course “Breathe” vibrate and linger in the memory long after the music is turned off.   

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